Well, first and foremost - Happy New Year again to you all!  What a year it's been and still I am in awe of those who can run a successful business, provide advice to their customers on the telephone, forum and Facebook!  I can't believe how much time it all takes and whilst I have had it in mind to update the website, I haven't actually managed to do anything until now, and it's still not as much as I wanted to do!

So, what have I been up to over the last 12 months?  I've resurrected several cars that had been off the road for a number of years, as well as improved others.  I have built wiring looms for standard cars, as well as a loom to run a fully programmable fuel injection system.   All of my wiring projects are designed to add to the existing loom rather than require cutting and chopping of wires.  The reasons for this are twofold - firstly for ease of installation, and secondly so that the kit can be removed if required and installed in another car. 

The most common issues I have had to deal with are sadly all too common - butchered wiring and sloppy gear change mechanism - both of which can be fixed, although the wiring does depend on the level of butchery! 

Pictures and details will follow at some point in the gallery section. 

Any, that's all for now - thanks very much for following this very patchy blog and please feel free to comment.

All the best